Key Safety Features Explained

With a huge range of safety features available on our Safety Jogger safety boot range we thought we would take the time to give a quick breakdown of what each one means so that you can be sure that you are buying the right safety work boot/shoe/trainer for your needs. 

Breathable Leather Upper:

This icon means that the shoe has natural   leather that is super comfortable as well as   allowing air to get into the boot/shoe. A   large range of the shoes on our website will  show this icon as the Safety Jogger range is very high quality both in terms of comfort as well as having a plethora of safety features available. 



S3 Safety Standard Features:

S3 safety features

S3 safety work boots and shoes are the highest safety standard and offer a large range of safety features that are needed in high temperature environments or environments where you are around oil. These boots/shoes will have a safety toecap (steel or composite), anti static, ESD, heel energy absorption, puncture resistant, oil and fuel resistant and are anti slip. We do have a range of these that are metal free for those of you who have to go through a metal detector to get to work (airport, prison etc.).

Oil & Fuel Resistant: 

This is exactly as it sounds in that the shoe will be resistant to oil and other fuels. This is particularly vital for those of you working in the automotive industry but it also has many other uses.
SRC Slip Resistant Safety:
slip resistant workbootsA slip resistant sole is very important for a lot of environments. The Safety Jogger SRC shoes pass both the SRA and SRB slip resistant tests. These tests are carried out on both steel and ceramic surfaces. Again this can be very important for many industries. 
ESD Antistatic (Electrostatic Discharge)

Antistatic work boots and footwear protect from static electricity that can happen when materials with different charges come into contact. This is required in many professions as humans are conductive meaning that we can carry static electricity that can damage equipment even though we may not even feel it. ESD footwear helps prevent this.