Huge Range of Certified Safety Work Boots

We have a select range of high quality safety work boots for your needs. Our Safety Jogger boots have safety features such as anti slip, safety toe (steel toe and composite toe), anti static, oil and fuel resistant, waterproof and more.

You can shop for the correct boot by browsing our collections or buy searching the safety certification you would like eg. S1 or S3. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

Welcome to Work Boots Ireland

Welcome to! High quality safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots, composite toe boots and safety trainers are not only required on construction sites but they are very important to how you perform your job. These special types of work boots are designed to protect you from the hazards of potentially dangerous work sites whilst providing you with comfort and fit that helps you best perform in the workplace.

We have a large range of safety boots, work boots for men and women, hiking boots, steel toe boots and safety trainers, waterproof safety boots for men and much more all ISO certified! We have a range of work boots with various safety features from brands like Safety Jogger and Cargo Wear. The safety features vary from boot to boot and there is usually a range of features with each boot eg. anti static, safety toe (composite or steel toe), anti puncture, anti slip and many more!

We offer nationwide delivery on our high quality range of safety boots and we offer a range of great design styles so you can work safely and look good at the same time!

Our range of quality work boots are for men and women in the work place and we are always adding products to our range. We continue to add high quality designs to all of our work and safety shoes, especially in our safety trainer range that have become so popular. We offer a range of styles in all sub ranges including work boots, safety boots, tactical work boots, waterproof men's work boots, safety trainers and more.

There is a common misconception that safety and work boots are not stylish but we are here to change this! We have quite the range of traditional safety boot but we also specialise is the very fashionable range of safety work trainers. This sort of safety shoe is lightweight, super comfortable and they look just like a normal trainer. They come with a steel toe front and a nail proof sole underneath the shoe. This sort of safety trainer has become hugely popular as they are lightweight, durable, protective and puncture proof. These trainers are designed just as a normal trainer but with the added safety aspects.

We also have a range of tactical men's work boots which are very popular. These again look the part and are very practical with a steel toe top, puncture proof bottom and they are made from waterproof materials.

Why shop for safety shoes with us?

- Irish owned business

- Nationwide delivery

- VAT invoice to claim expenses

- fashionable range of work boot

- Best prices

- Easy to use, secure website

- EU certified products